Master Key Systems

Jun 2, 2023

Master Key Systems

What Are They and How do they Work?

Master Key Systems, take into consideration, the access that is permitted to a lock by a single or multiple keys.

Keys are physical access devices that permit entry to an area that is generally secured by a lock.

By understanding this, you can understand that a standard lock is generally designed to permit access by a single designated key and not by any other keys.

For example, in a newly leased house, the front door, back door and front gate lock may all be coded to separate kets. Although the keys for the front door will go into the gate lock and back door lock they will only open the front door, and the same goes for the other keys.

In this situation, the locks could be rekeyed. In doing so we could recode all the locks to a new code, allowing one key to access all three locks and ensuring better security to the house.

However, what if you wanted to have one key that worked everything another that you could provide your gardener, that only allowed them access to the front gate and not to the rest of the house?? This is where master keying comes in.

In this situation, another key, called a ‘User Key’ would be designed. This keys design would then be coded only into your front gate lock. This master keying process would then allow your new User Key to work the gate lock along in junction with your other houses ‘Master Key’.

This is the general idea of a master key system, and can be achieved via non-restricted key systems or restricted key systems.

Restricted vs Non-Restricted

Master Keying systems can be setup on non-restricted or restricted profiles, but generally the use of restricted key profiles is the normal, for the following reasons.

  • Non-restricted: If your master keying system is non-restricted, it means that if someone wished to get one of your keys cut, they would be able to get them cut from any key retailer that carries the key blanks and a key cutting machine.
  • Restricted: Keying systems that are restricted require a signatory to be designated to the system, and authorisation by the qualified locksmith who built the system for additional keys and locks to be supplied and cut. This in turn provides greater security and insures that duplication of your keys is not possible helping maintain your systems integrity.

Key Hierarchy

We design master key systems to best suit you. Wether you are a school, council, or apartment building, at Lancaster Locksmiths & Security we design your system to permit only the users you require into the areas you specify. Ensuring that access can be maintained and monitored at all times.

For more information regarding master keying designs, requirements or any other security matters please contact our highly qualified team of locksmiths at anytime.

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Master Key Systems

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