Lock Replacement VS Lock Rekey?

May 15, 2023

Lock Replacement VS Lock Rekey?

Lock Replacement VS Lock Rekey?

There are many reasons why someone may consider replacing locks on their door or having locks rekeyed to a new key code, however, is one option better or worse?

Lock Replacement

People may choose to go for lock replacements at their home for a multitude of reasons. It may be due to wanting to replace your existing locks for a new style, you may want to upgrade the existing hardware for something with digital access or higher security, and/or it may be time for some old weathered locks to get an update. 

Whatever the reason may be is fine. And you should always remember that if what you really just want is a new lock, different functionality, or higher security there is nothing wrong with that. 


You are able to customize the security to your wants.

If you are installing new hardware you are able to redesign the functionality of your door. Whether you want a door closer, a latch and deadbolt, or an ornate lever pull, you are able to get rid of the hardware that grinds your gears every day and replace it with something you prefer.

The level of Security can be upgraded or added to

With the replacement of locks the security of your door can be progressed by adding more substantial and/or additional points of contact to your door frame. 


Lock replacement can be expensive

Due to the time & work involved in modifying some doors to install new hardware & the cost of some products, lock replacement can be an expensive route, and if you are only changing your lock to ensure previous tenants or people who may of had keys can not gain access it may not be the most cost effective choice.

Lock Rekey

Lock rekeys are a fantastic way to ensure security at new homes where the door hardware is already at a appropriate level & the main goal is to ensure no existing keys to your property are in possession with people you do not know, or do not want to have your key. 


Lower cost

If you are happy with the functionality and security of your door hardware & you just need the peace of mind that no one else has a key to your property, lock rekeys are a cost effective solution without needing to replace or modify the entirety of your hardware.

Make life simpler, Rekey your locks to one key!!!

Take the 3 or 5 different keys you use throughout or house and let us make one key that works the lot. A lot of the time people with be using several different keys in their home when the locks can stay how they are and be rekeyed to suit the one key.

It is worth noting that sometime when key shapes are different from lock to lock this can not be done, and a lock may need to be replaced if your goal is to have all the locks on one key.  


Weather & Time

Much like most things in life unfortunately the components and mechanisms can occasionally be so warn that a rekey & service of lock will seem like a hopeless battle against a sea breeze or dust ridden area. At these points it may worth looking at a different locking system or replacing your well used lock and letting it go into retirement. 


Depending on your end goal both options may be for you. If you are looking to save cost and ensure security in a new space, a lock rekey may be just right for you. Alternatively, if you are looking to add additional locks/heighten the security of your door, change the doors functionality, or freshen up the look of your door a lock replacement may be on the table.

For more information regarding Lock Replacements, Lock Rekeys or any other security issues please contact our team of highly qualified locksmiths throughout Mornington and the greater Melbourne area. at anytime for additional information or request a quote now online.

Lock Replacement VS Lock Rekey?

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