Advantages of Key Safes and Lock Boxes

May 31, 2023

Advantages of Key Safes and Lock Boxes

Advantages of Key Safes & Lock Boxes

An external key safe or lock box can offer the ability to leave spare keys for kids, family members or visitors without the stress of unwanted strangers potentially finding it. Key safe lock boxes are available in various sizes & styles with the ability to be mounted on a wall or alternatively attached around a gate or post.

Some advantages of having a key safe on your property compared to leaving your spare key under the door mat, or under a flower pot include.

1. Convenience

Never stress about leaving the house keys again, or accidentally locking yourself out. By having an accessible key safe on site you can provide yourself a key in any situation.

Also it avoids having numerous keys to your property in circulation. By eliminating the need to provide multiple keys to family members or friends and just providing them all a single code to access a singular key, keeping track of access to your property can be made easier.

2. Kids Getting Keys

Key safes are a great way to start giving your kids some responsibility. Allowing you to leave a spare set for your kids to use and put back is the perfect way for you to not have to stress about them losing them out and about and ensure they can begin to understand the importance of them.

3. Rentals

Rental properties such as Studio spaces, Apartments & Air BnB’s are ideal for key safes & lock boxes. If you’ve already spent a lot getting your rental ready to earn money, putting a digital lock on the front door might be one of the last things you want to do. A cheaper install option might be a digital or mechanical key safe.

  • Digital Key Safes – Via the app connected to the Digital Key Safe you are able to change the code, set temporary codes, set permanent codes, check when the key safe has been accessed and with what codes.
  • Mechanical Key Safes – Cheaper, Able to change the code when on site with the key safe, more robust, better suited to areas with sever weather conditions & likelihood of corrosion.

4. Emergencies

Having an access key to a house for emergency services is a great idea. Whether it is for yourself or for a family member, providing the access code to emergency services for your key safe or your family members key safe could save a life.

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Advantages of Key Safes and Lock Boxes

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